When slowplaying there are some important things to keep in mind. You should only slowplay when you think that your opponent is going to fold if you bet, or if you think that it's the only way to build the biggest possible pot. When your facing an aggressive player who's bluffing a lot, you could consider to slowplay. But only if the bord is quite dry. If your slowplaying on a wet board the chance gets bigger that your opponent is on a draw. Here are some examples for when to slowplay and when not to slowplay.



Example 1:

You hold  and the board is . You raise 3 BB's pre-flop and the dealer calls. Your first to act.

Here I would have bet 1/2 pot. There is a flush and a straight-draw possible. If you would have checked and the turn was a spades, You maybe would have to fold.


Example 2:

You hold in the big blind. 1 player calls from middle position. All other players fold and you check. The flop is . And lets say that my opponent likes to bluff.

Here I would have checked the flop and see what he does. If he bets you could check-raise but you could also call and see what the turn has to offer.


So keep in mind: don't slowplay on a wet board. don't slowplay to much. in most cases you should just bet the flop if you think your ahead.

what do you guys think about this one? Did hero play well or what should he have done? Please comment what you think!