I was off too a decent start this month in the league.......Then 2 back to back horrid finishes. Got rivered by queens with AA. I believe i played it well got raised when the board hit a Q  re popped it and he shoves to put me AI. It was a squirelly call but he had been playin real loose and 3 betting people off pots so i was compelled to.he turns over im ahead turns a blank and then she comes on the river. Im not bitching about it its poker it justs sucks to have two back to backs screw my points up for the day. Makes me not want to play anymore tonite but i have too. And im glad to see sandtrap777 on the top of the boards, i enjoy his write ups and hope to be playing at his level soon enough. I guess thats all

folded A3 at the pso at 8 because 3 guys were pushing hard i was ss flope comes A3A. FML!!!! 3 hands later catch some K's push guy turns over AA. He played it good just isnt my day i guess