I read a fellow's blog the other day and thought a bit about how I've been playing. It's about lower table count.  The first thing I know where I make mistakes is I misclick a lot when I play 16-20 tables.  I also miss quite a bit of situtions where I could abuse the bubble.  So I decided to lower my table count to 13-14 tables.  It's a huge difference with 4-6 less tables.  I get to take notes more often without being timed out, mark hands to review, and higher roi.  There are a lot of other reasons but those are the key points.  I'm not sure about profit hourly but it should be very similar if not more.  Below is the graph on last 3 days of playing 13-14 tables.  Redline is about 11% which is EV roi.  Games per hour is only 40.  It is looking pretty good.  I'm confident over a big sample my roi will be at least 10% if I keep the table count this low.


Entire month so far.