So I met a girl this month named "Run Bad" and she likes to wear red desses (redline).  We started out talking on the phone and things were looking great as expected (EV).  You can take a look here, the chemistry is there   After the 2 dates (sessions) she started acting kind of strange and I don't know why.  It could be my fault for not spending much time with her.      So I decided if I want to make it work I would need to be with her more often, and I did.  We did meet each other a couple of times at around 150 and 250, names of restaruants obviously.  We had some disagreements and some rough nights if you know what I mean  But at the end we were on the same page, which was I really cared about.  Here is where we were at


Like two people who are completly in love.  Than one night, things started to fall apart.  One argument after another, we broke up.  It felt like my life was doomed.  If this relationship was poker related it would feel like a "doom switch".  

I tried all I could, the more I tried the more we were apart.  Now I feel so lonely all by myself.  Wondering where she is at.  I would like to meet her again. Is it even possible to get close to her again ever?  I would do anything to get her back in my life.

That's all the drama for this month so far.  Here is the complete picture of my relationship this month thus far. 


Here is a look at my entire life ever since I started the challenge.