After a brutal downswing I decided to move down to rebuild my roll.  Starting December 21, I'm going to play $3.50 SnGs only.  This challenge is going to be tough I think because it involves mulitple things, volume and ROI and the leaderboard.  So the challenge is I have to play 1000 games in1 month.  My normal games per month is no where close to that. . It's actually averqge about 600  games for the last 4 months.  Also I need to get at least 10% ROI at the $3.50 limit.  On top of that I need to be placed in one of the SnG leaderboards, which is top 50 gets paid.  I think the hardest is the 1K games.  I only play 1 session a day usually.  Friendly bets are welcome! Gotta man up and grind my butt off.


1  Month Challenge:

[ ] 1K GAMES

[ ] 10% ROI