This month has been a massive fail.  Nothing really works SnGs and cash.  Got tired of losing almost every day the last 2 weeks.  I played some cash as well and it didn't go well either.  I'm running very bad as you can see in the graph below.  Ran super hot at the beginning of the month and than BOOM things went the other way.  This is by far the worst downswing I've ever had.  So much for moving on up, enjoyed it while it lasted.  I know it's only over 400 games but still it pretty much got my roll down low.  So I decided to move down to $3.50 again and grind my way up again.  Even tho my redline doesn't look too sexy lately but I still feel I can be $7 and $15.  Hate to have to rebuild again cause it took a long time to get to where I was and than now it's back down.  So I'm going to stay at $3.50 for now.  Here are the graphs for the month in buyins and in $.  Hope you guys don't run this bad as I do. I'm down 90 buyins from top to bottom and 40 buyins under EV.  Never thought this can happen  Oh well we'll see what the rest of the month brings.  GL