Poker has been great this month so far.  Still loving SnGs which is surprising that I don't normally stay in 1 game format very long.  Well I did switch from 9man to 6max last month but that doesn't count  I've been playing well but at the same time I still make a lot of big mistakes.  It feels like I rush things too much and don't take the time to grind my opponents down at HU.  There are some players who you can just run over just by grinding them down little by little and play post flops.  With that said, I need to be a bit more patient against fish.  I just don't think it's optimal to just shove when the stacks are 10bb or less agaisnt passive players weather it is at the bubble or HU.  IMO it's still +EV to play post flop with the shallow stacks.  A lot of players are fit fold when it gets to late stage of game anyways so to me it's better to stay patient and just grind them down 1bb at a time. 

I've been gradually adding more $7 and dropping $3.50 a couple tables at a time these last 2 weeks.  So far I've played 362 games at $7 and feels like I can beat the game.  I know that's just a way too small of a sample but I feel like I can handle that limit well.  The regs are really good compare to $3.50, they shove lighter and calls lighter.  People are aware of ICM and postions a bit more as well.  With all that said, I'm not sure if I should move up or just stay at $7 for a little while.  I did try a few games at $15 and the plays seems to be the same as $7.  But of course I've only played a few games.  I don't really know what to do to be honest.  My guts say I should just play and try it out for a little bit and take it from there.  I know it's gonna be sick swings and that's something I'm not good at.  What do you think I should do, please give me your thoughts.  Here are my graphs.


Below is my entire 6max sample.


Below is my $3.50 only.


Below is my $7 small sample