In this blog I would like to share a few things about myself, boast a little and also show my appreciation of what online poker bestowed upon me.

      I started playing poker when I was little, back then 5 card draw was the name, and few had knowledge of the game. Throughout college NL Holdem boomed and poker became a big phenomenon. I decided to try it online and found a lot of pokerforums on the web.

    To cut the story short I became a casual online poker player, joined some cool communities and even a poker group.  As the online poker communities grew bigger new opportunities appeared. One of those was for PokerStars so I decided to give it a try for real money. I'm not a big spender so I started my adventure with a 50$ deposit.
      The community freerolls boosted my bankroll only to sustain my cash and tournament adventures. It's a lot of fun to sip, listen to music or a poker podcast, all in the comfort of your home and enjoy a multi table tournament. It's even more fun to open a few microstakes tournaments along your main one, where you can spew away chips and destroy aces and kings with your QJ suited.

        It's also very nice to know you have that chance to hit a big prize whatever your fishiness, cause it's all about those preflop all-in flips, and when you're on a roll you feel just like a pokerstar and the thrill is exhilarating.

        The best thing of all in my opinion are the big win stories. I loved the loose cannons and the atmosphere of the show. I also love reading the forums where players living in the same neighborhood had a crazy weekend starting their Monday with a 5 figure lump of cash in their account after a crazy online tournament adventure. I love them for putting their adventure into words and sharing it with everyone because I know I might also do that on a Monday morning after a nice breakfast and tea, pondering what gift will be more suited after such a success.

        I've watched players starting with freerolls and end up winning the Sunday Million, enjoying the Carribean Adventure and traveling the world playing poker tournaments. The online poker made this possible for everyone. I've been to my first live tournament thanks to it and I am very thankful for that. It is a great experience.

        I'm very happy for choosing PokerStars because they offered me so much: the milestone hands, the micro millions, of course the pokerschool with all its videos and pso tournaments. It's simply a big happy country of poker players enjoying a year-long adventure.

        Being a part of the biggest online poker network gives me a warm tingly feeling whenever I find myself at a poker table. The best moment I had on PokerStars is when I won my first "big" tournament. The tourney was hosted by the forum community and the first prize was a Scoop Main Event ticket. At that final table I knew it was my moment to shine. All the cards I got were winners. I reached heads up fast and it was over in 18 hands. The greatest was the last hand. When I saw those pocket rockets I knew it had to be the one. I raised my opponent and I started laughing when he reraised me. It was all-in preflop and the KQ  he revealed was no match. The best moment ever. Even though I didn't have much success at the Scoop, I'll never forget that feeling of accomplishment and happiness. I bragged a whole week and it was great to find so many people rooting for me on the forums. PokerStars made it possible and I am gratefull for it.

        Regarding my poker skills, a online tracker reassures me I'm still a fish in a bowl. But me being a fish in the PokerStars ocean did not stop me making a profit. However little I'm very proud of it and I plan to enjoy it and grow as a player together with my aquarium companions.

        I'm happy I'm a online poker player and I hope many of you who read these words will smile with me because playing is meant to be fun, and I love it all!