Okay, this time I'm going to exercise patience!  I tell myself this everytime I enter into a game.  Now, patience for me is something that I have very little of at the best of times.  Someone once told me that they practiced being patient by finding a cautious, elderly couple on the roadway and deliberately drive behind them for blocks on end, resisting the urge to stomp on it and pass them leaving them in their snail-paced pleasure ride.  

For me, being patient in a game means exercising positional awareness.  (Thank you pokerschoolonline.)  Now I haven't been playing long and my bankrolls are miniscule by comparison, but when I first started out I was eager to jump into the pot with the slighest whiff of a speculative hand.  If, after the flop, there was a sliver of hope for some chance of recovery, I would call, anything. Then, I'd happily float to the river only to hand over a considerable percentage of my stack to some guy with a goofy poker name and an even more nauseating icon image.  

Now, as I gain an understanding of positional awareness, I find that I'm going deeper into the tournaments, stealing more blinds and reraising the whale at the table who's putting all his chips on 10 8 suited.  I am starting to appreciate the game and it's subtle nuances.  I now watch the videos, and participate in the live training when I can.  Now if I can only pass that Cash Game quiz.

So, the BodhiLummox says, patience my friends and embrace your position at the table!  And if you can't find the discipline for that, look for some blue-haired cadillac cruisers and follow them around town for a while.

Cheers man!

See you at the tables!