It's amazing how annoyed you can be at coming 5th in an MTT with 203 entrants, but there I was, shouting and extremely unhappy. Why? Stupid donk call and bad beat ofc, but why oh why at that point, when I had my eye on 1st and that pot would have given me a commanding lead and a fairly straightforward run to victory, why did that pot have to go the other way? Frustration, part of the Poker life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

In other news, PSOL League muddling along, at least I've got past the early exit with premium hands barrier by just not getting any premium hands til later on Had a good run yesterday and middling today, both times busted when called in spots where I wouldn't cal, not in the League anyway. Not sure if thats my leak or theirs.

Turned off PLO8 MTTs as they make me want to cry sometimes but added in some Sit N Gos which even at Turbo 5 minute blinds allow me more hands per level than my old site, so effectively more play than my old site and definitely more PLO MTTs  and just more stuff going on so real happy in general. playing $1-3.50 PLO, Courcheval, 5 Card PLO and Hi/Lo versions of them all as well. At least in SNG's I don't have too much time invested the 08 versions and can only mix them in when other stuff is slow, which is rare, so rare that I haven't had time to update this blog for a while.

Cashed in the Big Bang for $19 which was very nice, especially as entry was a freebie from Stars, so another thank you to Stars for that, you'll be happy and surprised to know it wasn't wasted even though it was holdem, which seems to make up new rules every day and I got lost ages ago.

Omaha week went well, had a lot of fun and not much in the way of cashes but still enjoyed it. Was looking forward to the live training event, until I realised it was 1.00am Tuesday Morning UK GMT time which meant I couldn't attend most unhappy as was really looking forward to that and actually being able to ask some questions that make sense, unlike the holdem ones, where I just observe. haven't watched the recording yet as making my way through the 8 episode PLO Series ones atm but its next on my list.

In PLO I'm still working on middle to late stages with different size stacks, getting used to PS players ranges, which are definitely different to old site, probably a result of getting more hands per hour/per level, allowing more play. Working out where value spots are and aren't is fun especially when I'm wrong

Bankroll is almost back at its peak after fun times of Omaha week, adding in the SNGs has helped maintain it while I pick the MTTs I like and means I can play for shorter periods if I want to, so more flexibility keeps mindset of poker is fun/ Frustrating, annoying, soul destroying, temper tantrumming, table banging, mouse jumping, mind bogglingly frustrating, Yes! But still fun, lots and lots of fun.

Found the PSOL Community Home Games and played a few of them, mostly the non-holdem ones, put in some pretty impressively poor performances and not got anywhere. Highlight was the Stud Hi/Lo where i was 2nd in chips and bubbled v chip leader when I walked into a perfect storm, with the 3 downcards the exact ones he needed, but I still should have folded earlier when he signalled strength, I think the short stack had 2 big Bets left and a couple others not far behind and my hand wasn't extra strong, I just thought he was over-valuing his. Just seemed a pretty stupid bubble, especially in hindsight, I was more bothered about the fact that I'd shown myself to be a plonker on the Final Table of the PSOL Homegame than anything else, first impressions and all that. I must say I found that crowd generally more friendly and didn't see one case of abuse on any table as well as having a higher standard of play than the same level general population so a thank you to you all for making a friendly atmosphere to play in. Looking forward to more games there.

But overall, learned some lessons, still keeping the right mindset, adjusting to new life here and absorbing any and all information from tons of sources on PS, keeping a flexible BRM & game selection style and just having lots of fun. Seems like there so much going on here on PS all the time and I stil havent found it all. On balance it means I'll even settle for 5th now and again.