So I found myself facing opponents across many tourns not doing what they were supposed to do. I had the novel idea that instead of blaming them I'd have a look at my own game and see what I wasn't doing this week that I was doing last week. And there it was, for some reason, probably a subconscious reaction to recent Big Pot results in Hold'em, I had stopped value betting the turn as much in the PLO game, which led to more backdoors and more board changers on the river. This would then lead to thoughts of blaming the fish. Don't ever blame the fish. 


So I started value betting the turn again and I'm much happier in the hand again. Seemed to be that while working on one part of the game, another part developed into a leak, but stopped pretty quickly so small losses.

Meanwhile the hold'em game is proving far more brutal than Omaha ever is. You expect it in Omaha but losing 7 out of 7 55/45s and winning one 45/55 only to lose on a 70/30 2 hands later in holdem is too much. All in the PSOL league game where each lost race has meant knockout in the middle to late stages for few points. I'll have to keep working on that game it seems.

Managed another 2nd in the $2 NLH/PLO mixed which was nice, 2 2nds and a 1st from 5 or 6 played with small fields so plenty of play on the Final Table and even Heads Up makes for a fun game. The PLO has been truly atrocious which makes up for my semi-bad holdem game and accounts for the finishes.

So value betting the turn stopped my mini downswing and then the other day was utg v the BB on a 52s5 flop, I had raised with KKxx he called. I c-bet he called, turn came 7 double suited giving me a king Flush draw as well, so I was gonna check for pot control, take the free card and evaluate, then I thought 'Don't start checking the turn again' followed by 'If I bet he check-raises All in and I have to fold', so I bet he check-raised and I folded, he showed boat 25xx.

So now I have to stop myself betting the turn some times and just check behind.

Went back to PLO8 for a game, chipped up nicely and bombed so now ignoring it again, shame theres no filter for it as already joined one PLO8 game today thinking it was PLO, thought I'd misread the board and their hands for a second when the 1st pile of chips didnt come my way. Must pay more attention in future.

Joined Llangoliers training session last night, learned a lot, found the PLO filter for training vids,some very good stuff but its pretty limited Stars, can you prod a few Pros to give some more intermediate+ stuff?

Wish I could get a review of my PLO tourn game, today was running 3rd of 80+ (27 paid) with 38K chips and got down to 22K before the bubble, ending shortly after with AAxx. I almost hate AAxx with no fold equity, its too big to fold but you know its usually not gonna hold up as soon as 2 people call, and its always around that soon after bubble madness with 15-30BBs where I seem to have no play v effective stacks of 6BB-50BBs. Id prefer a run down hand but AAxx is too good to fold when can get it all in pre v 1-2 opponents. Or is it? See thats the kind of question I need answering otherwise I have to try and work it out myself and 'My Brain Hurts!*

Just this second won a race, AQ v A9 v KJs (A9 shoves 15BB, I reshove to isolate, BB with 20BBs  KJs calls) in the PSOL League. Now running 7th of 87 with 60 Big Blinds. Lets see how I can bugger this one up.... (update next time If I haven't forgotten)

*References to Monty Python are provided free of charge.