So left last time looking for more 5 card omaha, more later....played MM Courcheval $3 I think it was, can't get to grips with that game, that spit card factor just takes an ability I don't have. In the end I disregarded the spit card and played normally. Don't know how to take advantage of that spit card as has no reflection on rest of flop obviously so don't think I'll play that again.




 Played a few sats, bombed, think I'll hide sats and use that money to take shots instead. Played a couple NL Holdem tourns for $1-2, usual, started OK, lost couple hands, shove or fold. So then picked up TT on LB, utg3 min raises (not worried about him, he'll fold, he'd bet different with JJ-AA & AK/AQs), all fold to me, I shove, BB calls, utg3 folds, BB shows AKs, not supposed to happen, must write an angry email someday and send it to a random email address, so lost two-thirds my stack. Next hand, on the button, TT again All In for 10BB, called by A5s and lost and out.

Found the $2 rebuy 5 Card No Limit Omaha tourn so jumped on that. Decided to use last $12 of BR and re-deposit if need be. Had fun, almost cried when lost a 5 way pot for 45K as a 53% very early on and only took side pot of 25K for increase of 5K. Then lost a 5 way pot as 78% favourite on turn. Rewind. Rebuy so most peeps shoving and re-buying so lots of small 4K shoves. On this hand one shoves for 4K, guy with 20K calls, 2 others with 4 K call all in, I call with double the other guys stack. Flop straight draw and baby flush draw, we both check as no side pot and 3 players all in already. Turn gives me nut straight, he checks I put him all in for a Pot sized bet and he calls with bottom set and top 2 pairs and hits quads. He was 4-1 dog so almost cried when that pot went over there.

Battled back up and then lost 3 hands in a row on the river at crucial time and lost half stack in total. Battled again and picked spots, quadrupled up about 3 off the bubble, from 50K to 200K which made me 3rd of 29 or so and chips to play with. Cue AAxxx double suited, lost a small pot, AAxxx single suited, lost a smaller pot and then AAxxx not suited, was in BB so just got rid of that one early. Lost 12% of stack so still got chips to play.

Really pleased with how just enjoyed the game and folded the troubles when I needed, hated folding when I knew I had to pre, just to see the miracle flop that would have got me paid big time, but shrugged it off and battled. Bounced around top 20 (111 entries, 400+ rebuys & 40ish addons) with 26 paid. In the money and bit of dry spell, so just waited as had aggro chip leader 2 to my left, got some nice hands that played and got paid.

Ended up on final table of 8, Hoorah. Down to 6 pretty quick, me 2nd in chips with half that of chip leader and double of 3rd place. Got some chips in good spots, won some, lost some lost bit of stack before managing to stack off v the aggro chip leader and double up, did it again few hands later and was slightly ahead, 1st in chips. Lost the lead once again to him, got it back again, down to 3 players, Short stack to my left folded, aggro guy raised my BB from his LB, I called, flopped nut full house, he c-bet, I just raised him all in and he called with straight draw wrap, so knocked him out giving me 5-1 chip advantage over shortie. He played well but you can't beat 5-1 so won the tourn!

1st Win on Stars, for $276 so thats got my Bankroll started, loving that 5 Card Omaha, No Limit or Pot Limit, really pleased with how I played that tourn, not so much the others but mostly just races that I couldn't avoid. Sats I played dreadful so I'll just give them up I think.

So gone from $30 to $275+ since joining which is nice and gives me room to play some bigger tourns if Im running good. Quite please with how I played in my favourite game, picked spots well, obviously got lucky/held up when needed to, saw a few less expensive flops, bought a few more expensive flops, oh and yesterday I bluff check-raised the river for the very first time ever, was real pleased when that came off, prob standard for everyone else but still pushing out my comfort zone for me, I don't like to bluff, I very rarely bluff and very rarely get away with it, which is why I rarely do it, so vicous circle which is negative EV. I need to learn spots to pick and steal some pots so been doing that recently to add to arsenal.

So thats that, lessons of today, TT will kill you even if it takes two shots to finish you off Bluff check raise the river and feel like one of them people off tv, dont cry when massive, and I mean massive, pots go the other way, as long as you still got chips you can bleed them back again and its always worth hanging in there as short stack because the two chip leaders might just battle and catapult you into 2nd place Oh and play more 5 Card Omaha...