So left last time with couple small cashes, repeating that this time.


Played MM FL O8 and enjoyed that, had good early run and even got paid off on the wheel couple times, but went out mid field in the 3K region so nothing doing.

Played $3 MM 5 Card PLO today, first time i played 5 Card and its immense fun, even more fun than PLO and much easier to play. Most importantly didn't have a table move which allowed stats of:

You were dealt -  206 hands.

You saw flop - 123 of 206 (59%)

Pots won at showdown - 26 of 46 (56%)

Pots won without showdown - 35

So as you can see, had lots of fun. Usual trouble spots, playing AAxxx but found much easier to hit with side cards so could still get involved when no set hit and found much easier to play trouble hands in 5 Card than 4 Card PLO.  

Same guy kept chasing his straights on 2 suited flops or sets on 3 suited flops or turns, so kept quite healthy stack by asking him to pay out repeatedly with 4th or 5th or 15th best hands. Couple spots I could have re-raised all in as a very thin value bet, but couldn't see him calling with worse, he liked to bet his 'made' hands but knew to fold if I bet at him and he didnt have Nuts. Unfortunately, towards the end he hit 3 times on the river, including a set (filled up on river)  vs my flopped Nut Flush that I was going for a double up with once the turn bricked off. Unfortunately that cost me my last 'playing' chips, had 2/3 of stack in on turn, and so went out couple hands later with Aces, to the other shortie after he shoved on my opening standard min raise. 

Didn't mind though as that particular guy had been on same table since the start and had shown real spirit and class throughout the tourn. Again its that late-middle section that gets me, where a couple lost pots in a row decimate my stack. I can't see that I did anything wrong though, no major mistakes, just that my image sometimes makes people do 'looser' shoves than against another player, which I want, so I suppose thats just the way it goes sometimes.

Came 491/5525 for $6 so at least I got my money back before I lost at the races.

Played another PSOL $1 Qualifier event at same time, mixed feelings on that one. Pretty sure I messed up on last hand but here it is. Was doing OK, 100+ entrants, 27 paid, In the money running 6th of 25, blinds at 250/500 + ante. Got KQs on the button with 26BB. Under the gun (32BBs)  min raised, I called, blinds folded. (1st mistake). Flop 9KQ, top 2 pair and backdoor flush draw. UTG c-bets for 2BB, I think and just don't like it, don't know why, can't see him on TJs so got bad feeling but don't know why. I just don;t put him on KK or QQ for sets, which leaves 99 and all 9x, Qx, Kx where x is an A or a J, one of which I do think he has. So I raise to 6+BBs (4BB+ raise), he quickly 4-bets All In. I think, still don't like it but call, theres too many AQ/AK or drawing hands he could have.

So he flipped 99 and that was that. I played badly pre, Ok with the raise flop I suppose, (could have floated but effectively turning hand into bluff aren't I?) but should have trusted gut and got away early. My 'Danger Will Robinson!' sense was tingling but I just didn't listen to it. Same story different day huh?

Thing is, in Holdem,  I been making thinner value calls recently, knowing I gonna lose a certain %, but I used to get bluffed too easily so sometimes 'force' myself to raise or call when I know I should, its an EV move (to make myself a better player), but sometimes during those 'forced' shoves my Spidey Sense says no and I overrule it thinking its just my fear talking, but its always been right so I should just trust it in the 1st place whether it says 'he's bluffing, call him light' or 'he's stronger than you, just fold and sigh at pretty hand going in the muck'. So cashed for $1.30, a profit of 20c.

Managed to get knocked out of both within 20 mins of each other so can have early night at least, hoping my not-terrible performance in Qualifier at least doesnt lose me points. Only earned 26 VPPs last month as 1st month on Stars so not gonna be playing for super bucks but if can stay qualified I should hit the 150 VPPs needed for this month.

And on target for 10 MM8 events for higher freeroll, but so far only cashed in the one so that freeroll better pay me back Few more Omaha events coming up in MM8 so looking forward to those, and will go looking for some 5 Card PLO stuff and see whats out there, I avoided Stars for ages and so wish I hadn't, even though still no major cashes or anything to talk about, I like the structure of the tourns and the league events and stuff and will have a lot of fun here...