So last time I was gonna play the $3 Stud Hi/Lo MM event, I didn't as played a Satellite and just ran so bad I wasn't in the mood and also at the same time was running deep in the $3 PLO event, top 20% of field with 100 left and good table so thought I'd concentrate on that instead, more later.

Mini Cashed in the $100K Privelege Freeroll for 26c which was nice, pays for the rake for another tourn, played another PSOL Qualifier, again nothing doing, just standard, small pair 55-99 or AKs or such in late position, standard raise, Big Blind calls, can't even see the flop I've missed it by so much, standard c-bet and insta All In Check Raise by the BB. So just bled. Shoved and doubled up, ran OK for a while (meaning I just folded everything, points matter more than races in the League) then got it all in with set on flop, only for guy to hit his set of Aces on the turn.

Yesterday was mostly losing pockets to Ax, pockets to smaller pockets, Ax to anything and on my favourite hand my 88 v 66 v QJ All In pre to see a flop of 26Q and that was that. Holdem, I can't help but love to hate it. But this isnt a bad beat blog, or a moan, just how things run on some days. I did lose every race in holdem yesterday, but thats just one day.

So back to PLO $3 event. Running 15th of 90 with 57 paid was sitting nicely, had one table move from being chip leader on the table to 3rd or 4th so had taken time to build image and study opposition, with no pressure on me to act unnecessarily, did lose 20% of stack on this table though, no big hands connected in standard raised pots, just saw a flop and folded, was quite happy with image and stack size compared to opposition. So along comes a table move. Moved to a table with aggressive big stacks, 2 and 3 times my own. Had complete run of dead cards or decent cards OOP that just whiffed. Stayed here til the exit, kept battling but losing flips and walking into better hands or hands that hit the flop hard. Still I fought, refused to blind away into a min cash or sit out or whatever, but ran into some better players with better stacks. I half feel a bit pushed around and half feel that I was just card dead for a while, but the image of a card dead player folding a lot is weak passive so its even easier to make a move against me. I wish there was a table seating system where I stayed still and other players moved around me to keep my table filled, I do well when i don't jump tables at significant periods of the tourn. Came 60th with 57 paid, I could have sat out to final 30 at least but thats not my aim.

So finished the day on the $3K Gtd $1.10 NLO Rebuy, did OK as luck started to change, won a few races as well as losing them, rebought & shortly had 20K Chips, with 6K being the maximum rebuy so played it safe for  while, more madness near the add-on period where I went down to 10K before going back up to 40K. Added On for 30K and was ready to pounce. Card dead. Waited. As its 3x turbo, blinds go up fast, so just played tight agg, shoved or folded. Doubled up and made it to the money. Blinds were so big nobody had any fold equity v anybody else so just sat and waited for shoving hands while laddering. Opened up all 9 tables to see action and was amazed how quickly they closed, was down to 6 and then 3 within a very short time. I shoved 4 or 5 times and with one call + blinds was getting enough to work with. All I needed was a half decent workable hand to shove with and was getting junk after junk, so folding and laddering. Went out with AAxx in 3 way pot when they hit set but they had held up for me so far in that tourn most of the time and had no fold equity so no other way the hand could be played. Came 27th or 26th, for $24 which was nice, but more pleased that bad run of card dead & lost races was ended. Bad news for anybody reading this is that now I will now be pursuing my usual image of damn lucky fish who doesn't have a clue but seems to hit all the time.

So overall, pretty happy with play, lost lot of races in a row but won some later on, didnt let lost races affect my play, 3 deep runs including the bubble, 2 small cashes, better bubble play in general, better mid-game play in general but still struggle with 40+ BBs when blinds go up so others only have 10-20BB, but not crashing and burning as often in mid game from great height (I've had 15% of the chips in play, with 120 players left, and still bubbled) so need to keep working and studying this bit. Need to work on middle and late game for sure, especially with decent stack, I know where I am with medium or small stack, I know what to do with them.