Deposited $10, got $20 free, spun up to $60 from 8 Game and small cashes in MTTS. Quite pleased I got Final Tables on NLH, PLO, and Limit OHL.


Only cashed in $1 and $4 tourns though so far.

Loving the Omania tourns, I keep stabbing at that $8 one but so far just not had deep runs.

2 Days of Micro Millions and some bad decisions coz not always trusting instinct. Example, in $8.80 MM PLO I went up against a guy with large chips stack after moving table and not giving him credit for being a better player than the rest meaning my gut told me my draws were not clean, I reraised him anyway and half my outs weren't clean. I should have just folded as had decent stack.

$3.30 MM PLO - sameish thing, next day. 5000 starting stack. Built decent stack by hooking 2 fish in 2 hands and had 3x starting stack within 4 hands. I was actually in 1st for a few minutes. Then lost 1/3 on BB to LB fish who limped and then tried to donk bet buy a tiny unraised pot. He bet 240 into 360 and ended up calling All In in for 5000 in a 5 Bet Pot with AKQTr on 28sJ v my T9sJ2 (85% favourite). He hit runner runner A-T Straight. Worked it back up to 4x starting stack then moved table where bad cards and higher average stacks meant i just folded for a couple rounds, then got it all in with flush and straight draws v Nut flush draw which hit on turn and that was that.

Meanwhile found PSO League. Played 5 now. Final Tabled 1st and 3rd but got called by weaker holdings which hit on one when building stack and ran into TT and AA from same fish on the other which I put down to pure bad timing on my part as he folded 15 hands 100% of the time to me on the way to the FT when he failed to bully me. Just unlucky that chip stacks dictated a shove when I would have 3B and folded earlier on with the same hands knowing he had something good.

2nd PSOL just went standard, mid pos. 5th I just played, got bossed round a bit and just obvious that they had something better, Down to 10BB shoved from Button with A9s got called in 2 spots for One Third of both callers stacks, flop QJ5 turn 4 donk bet by LB made other guy fold. River 5 and he showed 77. I expect to lose points for this one, I got nothing started and never got above starting stack and just bled when Blinds were on me. Still hoping to qualify though, just have to play better.

4th PSOL is the one that annoys me. Limped 99, got a weak shove that screamed PP 33-88 and even weaker call from fish for about a quarter of his stack which screamed KJ at best, deffo not Ax and deffo not PP, so over shoved to isolate and punish his loose calls. He called with JQ, weak shover had 88, flop 8Q2 and that was that. I lost 67 points for this. Doesnt seem to take into account blind to stack ratios. I can't fold 99 there can I? He has to fold doesnt he? Maybe Im wrong, maybe his 20-46% hand was misplayed but got committed and had to call the reshove.

Say I raise pre, shover shoves, fish calls I still have to overshove. I cant set mine now and I'm obviously ahead. May have looked slightly stronger if I'd played this way but I just totally misread the quality of the fish. I thought, Its the PSOL, he can't be that bad, he must know he has to fold here and he has plenty of chips left to play with. So that was that.

Bankroll now down to less than $5 so will prob have to reload soon. Due to bad play, not giving quality opponents the respect they deserve or not accepting they are quality opponents and giving them the respect they deserve may be more accurate, couple unlucky spots and pretty poor BRM as want to be playing the $3.30, $4.40, $5.50 & $8.80 PLO tourns, as many MM8 PLO & Others as possible (Not NLH for MM8 unless I satellite in or need another table open, I dont really like NLH, I get bored too easily and the opposition is much better than me at the same stakes)

So may reload now Ive had my fun and have some goals to aim at, like qualifying for PSO League and playing that next month. I haven't played 8 Game for a few weeks so may go back to that, STTs are mostly 50/50 for PLO it seems so not playing many STTs here which is usually my Bankroll Builder in the early days, but happy to fund the $3-5 PLO MTT buy ins for a while from other sources if need be.

Tonight its the MM8 #31 Stud Hi/Lo $3.30 tourny so will play that and see. As its hi/lo I have a good chance of a deep run if I play well and dont lose the pot on 7th Street too often.

Oh, and remember that quality players deserve respect when my gut tells me so.