Lifes been busy of late so been finding time to commit to poker has been hard. Moving into the final year of my apprenticeship at work has bared the biggest challenge as the expectation of my work and the responsibilities has increased 10 fold. Thus far though I can happily say I've knuckled down and dealt with it all quite well.

My 21st birthday has also been and gone since I last wrote anything here, I had a brilliant weeks worth of celebrations with friends and family but have never had to put so much effort into drinking in my entire life. Thankfully I was allowed to sober up and managed to get back to more regular time at the tables.

Last time I checked in I was flitting about the low stakes with about $45 in my bankroll, over the passed month I hit a high of $75 but a few bad choices in game selection mixed with poor decisions and a run of bad luck had me back down to $50 and battling to keep moving in a forward direction.

My downfall in passed years has been to chase my losses and lose my head when Ive taken a few knocks, this time however I applied a more sensible approach and took a few days away from the tables themselves but reviewed some hand histories to find any leaks or identify changes that I could make to better my game and get the bankroll bulging again.

I would appear that I'm a sucker for a C-Bet... but not just on the first street. I'm not shutting down quick enough after the flop and am allowing oponents to capitalise on me firing a second bullet after the turn. Where I have seen this taking down some pots my hand histories prove that 7/10 times I am either being raised out of the pot or running into tricky river decisions. 

Along with my C-Bets Im also trying to make changes in regards to my bet bet sizing as I am missing out on a lot of value when I manage to make a winning hand. The small changes seem to have ironed out a few issues and opening up my range slightly has got the ball rolling again.

At the time of writing I have managed to grind the bankroll up to a respectable $80 and am in a healthy position in a couple of micro buy in Multi table sit and goes. 

Best of luck for the coming week, I am aiming to break the $100 barrier by next week so will update on how Im faring next weekend.