I have started to make more time for poker again, probably due to the fact that right now playing feels really great. For the first time in a long time I can honestly say it hasn't been the run of cards alone that has upped my win rate.

This evening I played in a $0.55 500 max NL and finished about half way through the field. This was utterly my own fault as I had been between web pages, not paying attention and really wasn't playing poker.

I also decided to see if my latest streak of wins at heads up had been pure luck or not. Thankfully it would seem it hasn't. I've slowed my heads up game right down and instead of trying to finish opponents quickly I have merely picked my spots and ground them down, making some good mid pair calls and the occasional A high value bets.

I am enjoying the style of play and am finding it easier to make those stupidly easy laydowns that you never make (the ones where you know full well they got there but your top 2 just look too darn pretty and so forth)... Which lead to a nice win in a $1.50 heads up SNG and then a nicer win in a $3.50 4 man heads up SNG. The latter being perticularly sweet as I had my opponent on the ropes 3 times and all in with worse holdings only for them to hit lucky and come back, thankfully after grinding them back down for a 4th time my KQ managed to hold for the win.

In my last update I stated that I was nearly up to 3X my starting bankroll and it is only on reflection that I must correct myself. I somehow believe I started with $10 when I did infact start with $15. I sign off for the evening with just over $46 so can now say Im over 3X what I started with.

To say I have been back just 2 weeks and have played some vew few hours I am over the moon with my progress and hope to keep it up through 2014