Hey there everyone, it's been a looooong time since I was last here. Last post was way back in 2012 when I had to use my bankroll to pay for much needed repairs to my commute vehicle and a lot has happened since then...

Online I have only played once since the last time I posted and I think even that was using some old FPP's. Had a couple of nights of low buy in live tournies at the local casino which resulted in a couple of little cashes but apart from those occasions my poker career took a back seat in 2013.

Away from the game I got a new job, got engaged to my wonderful women and and have taken a far more positive approach to life in general. After a 2013, where I worked many 7 day weeks and rediculous shifts (a Vegas wedding doesn't pay for itself), it only felt fair that I gave myself some down time and it felt right to get back on the felt.

My idea was to give myself a starting bankroll of $100 but I went against that and allowed myself $15 to grind up. Last time out I lacked descipline at the tables and this caused horrible swings in my play and in the money I had to play with but I feel that a slightly older slightly wiser and more relaxed me has the ability to stick to what my bankroll permits and grind it up to a better level.

In the passed 4 days I have doubled (and a bit more) what I began with and after treating myself to a ticket to the Saturday Micro I hope to have a good few hours and continue the good start I have had.

My goals for the year are to have fun, play well, become a better player and hopefully not lose all my money haha.

Best of luck to you all and have a great 2014