Well I've been playing great, made very few wrong moves today and just can't win. Was sitting on 12K early on in event 86 of the micros blinds of 40/80, UTG+2 raise 2.5BB and I flatted with KK behind to induce a raise for the LAG player on the button. On que the button raises to 700, UTG+2 folds and I shove. He calls off his last 3.5K and shows J9off... hits a set on the turn.
Left me with with about 7.5K. Next blind level I have KK again on the button and UTG has made it 5BB, I raise to 12BB and he calls. Flop comes 5, Q, A. UTG bets out about 20BB and I shove, he snap calls and has me covered. Flips 10 10 and hits a set on the river to send me home.