I've been in poker for a few years, but only been able to play for cash for just under a year. In that time my aggresive style has caused huge up and down swings. I took time off poker as I had got into the lovely world of card counting but thats a story for another time :').
I managed to score a great apprenticeship with a big company a few weeks ago so until I start I've had some time to myself. I decided to sit back, strip my game down to its skeleton and improve as best I could. I've exposed huge flaws in my play and with help here and there have adjusted my style.
Not wanting to deposit I decided I would use my left over FPP to try and score some seats in the mirco millions and see how it goes from there. The only day I can play fully is tomorow so this morning Ive been concentrating on satellites to some chosen events.
I have scored the 3 seats I was after and even come out with more FPP than I began with and I'm sat in 1st of 45 currently with the top 12 scoring a seat to a 4th event I decided I would play. All in all its been a good day but most importantly I can say I am playing well and not just getting the run of cards.
Hope to see some of you in the Micro-Mils