I myself like most people got into poker via the NL holdem route, and can gladly say I play a lot better now than when I started. The more we get into the game the more we settle into where we feel comfortable or have most fun. My study of the game until late has been focused on NL holdem. I (like most) enjoy the mere thought of being able to make that 1 win that will change everything and boost my bankroll through the rafters, so I play many tournyments and to keep up the bankroll by grinding a few cash tables.

However, I have recently branched out into PLO cash games. I have put some good hours into learning the concept of the game and the many ways its varies from holdem, which thankfully is showing in my bankroll of late.

Here however lies the problem, the lack of PLO tournyments here on pokerstars means i must choose between my two preferances. Or must only play at certain times of the day and at certain buy ins. So if I have one teeny tiny thing to ask pokerstars, can we expand on PLO tournies please?