Iyno they say if you get it in good in the long run youll win, but there isnt going to be a long run if this keeps up.
3 times today ive flopped top set against and underset and lost to quads???
3 times in one morning?
My bankroll is now back down to where it was 2 weeks ago and I'm finding it hard to get my head back into the game properly.
I just run into idiot plays that leave me crippled.
Was on for a nice run in a tourny this morning but got it all in with 77 onto a board of A,3,4 and was called down by 10 6 off who then hit his 10. 'I thought you were bluffing'... what and your 10 high was gunna be the nuts???
Idiot players who have no idea and just win all the time
dno what to do