A few of my friends play in a national league at our local pub, Ive never really been interested in it myself as theres no a lot of money involved and the the fields differ between 7-30 people and very few people turn up on a regular basis.
After finding out about me playing online I was bullied into joining the league so I could 'prove I was good'. On this plus side this year the top players in the league win seats to some nice tournies and theres even a few UKIPT seats up for grabs, completely free.
So tonight I turned up and took my seat along side the 15 other people who could be bothered to turn up and tried to get a feel for how everything was running. The key notes I took from the evening was that the level of play is very poor.
Limping into every hand and calling big raises with poor hands. I noticed one or 2 players that had a good understanding of the game and chose them to target whilst avoiding the worse players, this worked as I could pick good spots to bluff a few nice pots.
On one hand with a rather bad player I was led into on the river by a bet of 300 into a pot of 6500 and when I called with 3rd pair was asked 'ehhh how can you make that call?' Pot odds and EV dont apply here was what I took note of.
I left in about 8th after I 4 bet pre with KK and was called by A9 off (its standard play aparently) and running 9s sent me packing. There was however one hand during the night that annoyed me, I had bluffed on the flop with K high and mucked my cards face down when another player took it upon himself to grab my cards and turn them over for the world to see. I along with the 2 better players at he table went absolutely mental then realised that these werent poker players, they were people having a game of cards.
Im going to make some adjustments to my game which I think will help me against the worst players and hopefully in the next few month Ill freeroll my way into the UKIPT