now dont get me wrong, i'm not pro when it comes to PLO but I know the basics and can spot the draws a mile off. However lately the one thing thats annoying me is people that play regular holdem thinking that PLO is the same just with more cards.
I keep getting players ranting at me for 'bad play' when I call with multi draw hands and hit. Or I see AA with a raggy 72 fully unsuited hand and get whinged at when I outflop their As.
Then ill call an all in to with hands such as top 2 AK/KQ with a redraw to the nut straight or flush against a set and once again im grilled when I hit a better hand.
They dont understand that this is not Holdem, where a set is going to win most hands. PLO is a game of draws and chasing cards (to a degree), when you AhAd is against a flop of 6s8s9c then expect to lose the hand if you shove with no redraw.
Although they may be similar in some ways the 2 games are very different, just cant explain that to some people