This is getting silly now, 6th tourny in a row ive gone deep and run into a total idiot who is just on autocall.
Im in 10th with around 200 left in, stack of 110K and once again I'm making the correct plays and trusting my reads.
I lose about 20k through a river 6 to give my oponent As and 6s over my AQ, not much of a biggie can brush it off.
I then get into another war with a bigger stack. JJ onto a flop of 348, he puts me all in and I call, once again the correct play as he shows A3 off. Turn 2, River 5 -.- once the 2 hit the turn I knew the 5 was coming... it always does.
It was the fact that after a raise and a reraise preflop he genuinly thought his 3s were good, noted as 'poor player' and leave the table.
I wouldve been in 2nd and on for another big finish for the 2nd day in a row, but alas there are too many players who do not know when they are beat