Now then, $5000 of american finest notes all in my pocket, wow....
Although I don't think they'd be in my pocket, $5000 translates to a good few buy ins at my stakes but noone needs that many buy ins. Or do they??? I mean 3333 (.333333) buy ins looks kind of safe doesn't it and 3333 (.333333) wins at my stakes translates to nearly $20,000 but thats just my gambling side talking.
I think I'd invest in a live poker coach, as much as my game is improving my live game is lagging behind by a huge amount compared to my online game and I would love to be able to score some deep runs in some bigger live tournies.
I think most of the money would go towards improving my game as Poker is a huge part of my life, a small piece of it would be put aside for those little bumps in the road that occur in life and Id leave myself a nice chunk here on pokerstars so I could up the stakes I play at for a while and see how it goes, if not I'll just drop back down and carry on grinding.
Sounds like a good plan for $5000 don't ya think?  well... I do anyway