I've noticed a key move that big stacks are making in tournies lately and its a play there making when picking on short stacks and have began to capitalise on it well
The short stacked player will shove with 10BB or so from around UTG+1/2 and a bigstack in midpostion with shove with a pocket pair anything 22-77 generally nothing bigger or a small suited A. Iyno the shove is to scare off players behind from calling but its costing them when players in later positions are waking up with better hands.
For example, Im currently playing a mirco tourny and was on a nice stack of about 7,000 blinds at 50/100. Early position short stack shoves 800 and I have JJ in the SB, mid position bigstack shoves for 6000 and I call. the shortstack had shoved A2 off and the overshove had been made by 88. My jacks held and instead of picking up the 800 and the raise that the bigstack should have made I pretty much double up to 14,000, point been that 90% of the time if you read the situation correctly you can make what seems like a hero call but is actually just the correct play.
Keep an eye out for it, use what you know about both players before you act, its a great way to go deep