End the day down to around $70. Got a bit unlucky in my last 2 SNG's, first one I was a bit card dead and picked up QQ in midposition, LAG player in early position had opened for 250 so I shoved my 800 stack over the top. Everyone else folded and he turned AK, caught a K on the turn and that was that.
2nd was a straight up cooler pocket 8s on the button with no action in front, 3BB raise got a call from BB. Flop of AA8 and BB shoves for 2400ish, I have about 2600 total and were right on the bubble so I make the call, BB had A8... of course he had A8 -.- 
Not too bothered as I expected the early days of the challenge to be the hardest having to play small buyins and be rewarded small money for all the effort. the $70 leaves me a firm 20 $3.50 buy ins so I can play a bit more at ease over the coming weekend.
Will update tmoro if I can fit some time on the tables around another busy day
wish me luck