As some of you may have read I set myself a target a few days ago for the coming month and havent yet managed to udpate as to how I'm getting on.

Day 1 was yesterday, I started off with my allocated $30 and after the few hours I managed to cram in at the tables I ended day 1 with a bankroll of $58.91

Day 2 is today and so far I have had very minimal time at the tables and it would appear thats not going to change, my bankroll currently stands at $77.85. Which I'm happy with considering the little time its taken to gained the extra $18.94 on yesterdays total.

This makes an average of just less than $24 a day for the past 2 days, meaning I'm ahead of the $20 a day average that I must keep up in order to achieve my target

Days 3 and 4 could be even harder as I have tests at college so they must be my priority, not that a few SNGs during study time will hurt :wink:

I'll update if I manage to get a few extra hours in tnite