yesterday I took quite an annoying dent to my bankroll, then had to withdraw a large portion of the remaining money as it was the only free money I could get to. All of this has resulted in a bankroll consisting of a grand old $30 again.
This means I've had to drop down the stakes again and start from the beginning, it leaves me out of pocket by more than I'd like and leaves me 24 days of this year behind in my plans.
Due to all of the above I've woken up this morning and devised myself a new plan for the coming month and from there the rest of the year. I have allocated 30 days to build my bankroll back up to $500-$600 again, meaning I will have to average around $20 a day for the month.
Obviously the hardest part of the average will be towards the start of the 30 days as I have to settle back in to the smaller stakes again and I have less money behind if something goes wrong, but I was well on track this month to do so, it just means repeating all over again, that being the case I best get to the tables, I've got work to do
I will update at the end of each day when possible