The temptation to play some satellites this morning got the better of me and ended the morning down from $45 to $30ish with no seats gained to any tournys. Came close but in the end the deck ran cold for me and just wasnt getting the cards to make any moves, think I'm going to try for the sunday storm again in the morning and hopefully everything will all go arite.
over the past 2 days I've really got into the fifty50 games so went back to try to grind my bankroll back up to a more respectable size to be able to play the events that take my fancy tomorrow. stuck to the $3.50 buy ins for the afternoon and played my usual game, picked up some good hands and hit lucky on the odd occasion to work my way back up to about $57 at which point I had all intentions of signing off for the evening ready for the sunday grind.
Not long after turning off the laptop did the missus decide to turn on her favourite reality TV show -.- the laptop was immediately rebooted. It was at this point I decided to take a slight risk, thinking of how I was running good and how I seem to be doing well in the firfty50 games I decided Id up the stakes and try a $7 buy in instead of the £3.50s
1 hour later and 2 $7 buy ins, my bankroll stands at just under $90, a big thumbs up and a pat on the back for me, hopefully this form keeps up tomorrow and I can have a good run in the sunday storm (which I will win a seat for if it kills me!) in fact... how much can you satellite into the sunday million for these days? :wink: