Decided to play a few satellites with my winnings from yesterday so join the sunday storm sat this mornin, got a nice easy tripple up to start off and things were looking well...
Then all of a sudden things went down hill, player to my left shoved with 20BB and ive got AA, the call is made and turns out hes shoved with 22, well played sir, turn shows a 2 and thats half of my stack right there... NH sir -.-
picked up a few blinds here and there to keep me going then picked up QQ and called a min raise, flop showed 4 K Q and the other guy raises half pot. I shove the rest of my stack in and he calls (having me covered) and turns over AK, 'were back on track' I think to myself.
Turns shows a 10, river shows a J -.-
NH sir
Im due for a tilt but looking back I realise, I did nothing wrong, just another cold deck... whens the next satellite starting I wonder