I usually play small buy in sngs or micro heads up games (I need the practice) but after a long week of not much luck (some of you may have seen my mini rant about coin flips earlier in the week) I wanted to have a go at something else.
flicking through some tutorial videos earlier I came across a good one about these fifty50 games and decided to give it a go, I really like the concept of the games because to make small profit all you really have to do is have a good knowledge of push/fold equity and once youve gathered a stack its easy to bully blinds and force weak pushes from shorter stacks.
only small buys ins until ive ground back some of the money I lost yesterday but at this rate it wont be too long before I'm back on the up.
Ive always thought to be the best you have to be able to adapt but my natural aggresive approach to poker seems to work perfectly in this perticular version of the game.
thank you to those who convinced me my luck would turn around, if the past hour is anything to go by you may be correct
regards, bobber93