Started to make a few notes in the open league to try to increase my runs as a bit of practice to see if I'm getting it right before I try it in some cash tournys. Notes arent too complex as of yet but I'm starting to pinpoint the key points of a hand and expand on them (e.g 35BB raise into 13BB pot with 2nd pair, out of position) and I think its starting to help.
Getting into the colour coding for use on the type of player I think someone is, loose aggresive, tight passive and all that jazz.
Its helped me to make some good laydowns and some better calls in spots where I wouldve make the wrong play before, unfortunately due to a 7.5BB stack I made a push with AJ against a player using the notes I had taken on him (very aggresive, calls with any 2 cards), My notes were correct as he called with Q9 off but unlucky for me he spike a Q on the river and it was another early finish.
Not too dissapointed, through the help of some quick notes I made what I believe was the correct play and in the long run going in as a favourite is all I can wish for