Always used to think the freeroll stuff was a waste of time, but as its christmas and 'family time' the girlfreind has banned me from playing at the cash tables, both internet and live . So I turned my attention to the open league which I believe ive seriously overlooked, of my four attempts so far I've made a final table, a top 150, a 1000 and a 2000ish.
  I realised my mistake with the 1000th finish was playing too tight and not trusting my reads, which ended up with a dwindling stack and high blinds, caught J's for a push and ran into AK which hit, it happens right?
  I was a little unluckier with my earliest exit as I was all in with AA vs KK, turn showed a K and there was no miracle river to save me, if this had've been my own money on the buy in my level of tilt would've then caused a spiraling loss of another $50 at the cash tables but as it was freeroll a simple 'NH SIR' sufficed and I got on with my day.
  These results along with a 1st place freerolling on another site and earning $46 results in a happy few days and more importantly a happy missus haha, which is important at this time of the year when your stuck inside with her 6 of the 7 days of the week.
  So far in my short poker career ive had some ups and downs like the rest, if im running good in tournys im losing a lot in the cash games and vice versa but Ive realised now what my main problem is on the cash game front. I generally make a good read when im beat and in the style of Mr negreanu himself I end up calling anyway, I think I take the approach of 'I have to win money quickly' whereas in a tourny because I know I can fight the battle another day I will generally make the laydown.
  So thanks for the free practice games Pokerstars, Ill be back to the tables properly when the festive ban has been lifted... May I wish each and every one of you the merriest of holidays and may luck shine upon you in the coming year
  Regards, bobber93