Today I start the micro level SnG grind. After loosing a few hundred playing medium level FL ($3/6 & $2/4) and having mediocre success at the medium level SnG's, I've decided to take a step back. I've realized that my game needs a bit of work and that I can be over aggressive at the wrong times and passive at others. With the help of a few books I purchased (via FPP's) I hope to turn my lack of success 180 degree and into the right direction. I deposited $50 cdn. this morning and told myself that that would be the LAST deposit I would ever contribute to online poker. I've started this blog to chronicle my daily progression and invite you all whom care to join in on the fun. Day 1 - Total Tourney's -- 3 SnG's, all of which were $3 + .40 NL Hold'em. Results - 2nd, 3rd and a 4th (bubble, yuck!) Bankroll - $52.25 Comments - Today was a just the start. I only played a few a games today. With mid-terms around the corner I need to limit my poker playing and focus mainly on the books.. for now! Overall, I am happy with the way I played. I analyzed each hand and felt completely confident with my decisions... all but one that is. The hand that made me go broke and finish on the bubble was an iffy move, one that I would be very hesitant to repeat. I was UTG with K J off-suit and shipped my entire stack, which at the time was approx 9 BB's. With 3 others at the table, I am not sure that it was the right decision. Oh, well... I'll chalk it up to a noob error and learn from my mistakes.