Hey, so my last blog feels like forever ago. As I posted in the forums the grind didn't go as expected. I just didn't have the motivation to play play money games. So I capitalised on the PS 100% $600 deposit and started fresh. I only deposited like $200 & cleared the bonus and just grinded the extra $ I made. I watched Grayson Physioc's videos and somehow the strategy he outlined really helped my 6max HT game even though his vids were 9max table sngs. So I started at the $1.5s and beat that moved up to the $3.5s and beat that as well. I'm playing the $7s now and I've been consistently making money on those too. I'll keep playing those for awhile as I can make a good hourly rate of around $20/ hour. Which is great for a student when most of my friends are making closer to $10. My mtt game seems to be hitting stride too. I took down a 6max 5$ HT tourney for close to $1300 with some other decent cashes too. Right now poker is kust making sense. Unfortunately I'm taking summer classes so I can only play sparingly, but im going to grind more when I can. Follow me on Twitter @bluffman520 for updates and announcements for when I'm deep in a tourney. Cheers!