I've been playing on pokerstars for the last 5 or 6 years. For the first couple years I would strictly stick to play money tables and tournaments. Over time I learned how to turn 1000 play chips into 10000 into 100k and so on and so forth. I found out that certain sites would pay for your play money, and got intrigued with the prospects of turning a $0 investment into some cash. I also took advantage of some of the astronomers freerolls on Stars as well. Anyways, after making a dollar or two here and there I learned how to grind that into some cash. I've had my share of ups and downs. But, since 2008 I can proudly say that I've made over $20 000 in cash and prizes on Poker Stars, as well as reaching Supernova status in 2010 . A pretty signifigant amount considering I've never deposited a cent on the site. After a run of very unfortunate luck, and poor money managment I'm back to 0 in the money department with about 9 useles FPPs. I'm going to grind back in any and everyway to get back to make money. Any free money tourneys on Stars and play money grinding will be my way back to cash. This blog will mark my road back. I encourage people to ask questions, respond and keep fixed on how I will yet again turn nothin into something on Stars. This will also be the first time in a while I've unblocked myself on the search features for those who want to follow me closer on the road back.