"Our greatest fear is that we are inadequate not,
but powerful beyond reason, that we are..."

 Strong hands are only as good as the pot win they. Strength alone will not big pots win, so the force to deceive one must use. Two ways of playing a strong hand, check raising and slow playing are. To trap opponents good players use these moves, and win more money from them. However, identical they are not. Check raising, with the intention of raising on the same round after an opponent bets is checking your hand. Slow playing, of its strength is playing your hand in a way that gives your opponents no idea. It may be checking, and then just calling an opponent bet they, yet calling a bet from earlier position opponents , be it may. Slow play a hand make you, using deception players keep in hand, while in order to make your move in a later round, you are. Clearly, to be much stronger than a hand you check raise with, a hand you slow play must be. Drive opponents out and may even win the pot right there, check raising can. While slow playing gives opponents either a free card or a relatively cheap card. Yes, hmmm.

Gary Carlton