I just wanted to point out to  those  of you who chat online, I know we all do it, at least once in a while, but should we? I personally like to focus on every hand and the way players play. Sure you will get slow players,and the chattys that like to zzzz the player once in a while. Then you get the peeved off player who drops a comment. The worst is the Chatty Cathys as I call them. Your playing a tourney, paying attention, then bam, you notice the lines of chat. You don't want to read it but it just keeps going and your hooked. A conversation of how you should have played a hand, a guess at a hand, a polite, I have to use the bathroom brb, a story about a wife a girlfriiend,, it goes on and on. 

I would like a few comments on your thoughts of Chatty Cathys, on whether it distracts you, helps you, or just in general how you deal with it. My own opinion is to keep focused, don't get involved and let them hang themselves.

All the best at the Tables