Just tried a 90-man sit and go. Busted in 14th, top 12 get paid. Such bull. I only saw 15% of flops, and I was playing loose. So ridiculous, couldn't get any good starting hands. Anytime I'd have something decent, I'd be re-raised. The only time I would've made good hands is when I folded junk (folded A6 in middle position, would've made quads. Folded 76o, would've flopped a straight, etc.). Down to 16, I had about 1100 chips (just over 5 big blinds) I shoved with JTs and made a full house on the river to more than triple up. Then I shoved a few hands later with KsQs, a big stack called with KhTh. As soon as I saw his cards, I said, "he'll hit the flush on the turn." Flop was Qd4h2h. Hey, what do you know. He's got the flush draw. Turn.....Qh. Hey, he hits his flush on the turn. Beautiful. It's such bull that I play a tournament just to the money and bust short because I get nothing. It's impossible to do well in a tournament without good cards.