I sat down at a $.01/$.02 limit hold 'em ring game this morning. I played for maybe 15 minutes. I bought in for $.50, and cashed out after that time with $1.41. I was up against a few people that were apparently ready and willing to cough up their money. For example, I raised from the cutoff with 99. Big blind called. Flop was KKJ. He checked, I bet, he called. Turn was a J. He checked, I bet, he called. River was a 7. I figured that he would raise me if he had a K or a J. So I bet, and he called again....and I won. With a board that said KKJJ7, my 99 won. Kings and Jacks with a nine kicker. I checked the hand history, and he had called the whole way with 73o. Seriously. I played a little more tonight. I didn't win anything huge, just about $.12 or so. But still, less than two days ago I was down to $1.00. Tonight, I'm at $3.41. Looking back to a week and a half ago, I had $.09. That looks pretty good to me. And that's without any big tournament cashes. I think my biggest so far has been $.97. Since the ring games have been far more successful the last few days, I think I'll focus on them for now. I'm hoping that right now I'm not on a hot streak. I'm hoping the one day was a cold streak. I probably won't do any tournaments until this weekend.