Yesterday, I decided to try a little $.01/$.02 limit hold 'em ring games. I'd gotten my bankroll up to about $2.50ish. I bought in for $.50 and started off pretty well. I was up to $.70 on the session a few hands in when things started going....bad. I've posted a few of the hands in the forum. Some ridiculous beats. I flopped a set of jacks when someone flopped a set of aces....folded a hand pre-flop, and would've flopped quads...flopping top pair with top kicker, but folding to a bet and raise since the flop was all spades.....flopping two pair, losing to runner-runner two pair. It goes on and on. I kept positive for a little while, even after I lost the first $.50. I switched tables, hoping to catch some easier competition. Didn't help. I started the day with $2.50, ended the afternoon with $1.00. And all on bad beats and second-best hands. I took a break for a few hours, before sitting down last night. That's when things started to turn around. I ended the night at $1.70. Not where I was obviously, but better. I played some more ring games today, and got up to $2.20. I just played in the NAPL rookie tournament and got 237th for $.32. I bought into this one...couldn't get a ticket won today. So I'm back up to $2.41. I wasn't happy on my exit from the tournament....there were a bunch of players that would limp every hand and catch something miraculous....for example, my KO hand, a chronic limper limped, I got a free flop with Kc9c. Flop was 6c5c5s. Small blind checked, I checked, limper min-betted. I decided to shove with my flush draw and two overs...turns out the limper has A5. I hit a K on the turn, river bricks. That was one of several hands where limpers got really lucky on the flop (J3 flopping trip 3s? My goodness.). I'm still not happy with these min-cashes. But I figure it's just a part of the process until I get a good run. I'll be starting grad school stuff on Wednesday, so I'll pretty much only be playing on weekends from now on.