I busted early in two $.25 S&Gs. The first, I shoved over a guy that had been over-raising everything. I had AsKs. Two people behind me called....one with A6, the other with QJ. QJ flopped a straight. Out in 70th of 90. Wow. Second one, I raised UTG with AK, 3 callers. Flop was KJT. I checked, the big stack at the table made a huge over-bet. She had been doing this a lot to steal pots. One behind her calls. I decided to shove over the top of them both. The big stack folded, the other player called with....J6. Of course, to reward this terrible call, J on the turn. You have to be kidding me. Out in 40th. Then I decided to play the $.25 MTT. That went pretty well. I finished in 176th out of 2625. I rode the short stack the whole way too. I limped into the money (top 540) with less than 800 chips left. Then I started doubling up, and got my stack up to over 11,000. Then my internet started cutting out every five minutes. That blinded me down to about 5,000. When it folded to me in the small blind, I shoved with Q8....but the big blind called with K9. I hit an 8 on the flop....river was a K. Sigh. Knocked out yet again when someone spikes a miracle river. I got $.90 for this one. I also played the NAPL Rookie tournament. Didn't go well at all. It's impossible to do well in a tournament when you don't get any good hands. When I went out, it was with the only good hand I ever had....TT. I get called by J9. Of course there was a J on the flop. There was one on the river too. I need to catch some of these crazy suck-out hands. So I scored a total of $1.40 total today from the MTT and the Round 2 tournament. But subtract buy-ins, I'm only ahead $.65. I guess that's better than nothing. I still need to hit that big one. One quick addendum, as I forgot to mention something. I qualified for the Final Round qualifier for the Big Game. This is actually kind of funny. For the Round 1 tournament, I signed up just for the heck of it, and easily made the cut. Now this time around, I was playing the NAPL S&Gs, and the tournament popped up because it was going to start....I had no idea that I was automatically registered for it. And again, I easily made the cut. I pretty much coasted as the last 1000 people got knocked out. I've found that I really enjoy the deep stack structure. I'll have to venture into those a little more when I have a bankroll worth notice.