Finally got all moved and got back to playing tourneys today. It's been horrendous so far. I've played 2 PSO tourneys so far (700th and 510th something) and razz, NL hold 'em, and badugi freerolls. All have been complete fiascos. I'm super frustrated. I have barely gotten any playable hands in anything, and when I finally do get something semi-decent, I'm either dominated or I completely brick out. I've also been having a problem today with players that won't fold their marginal and weak hands. Examples: in badugi, I had two occasions where an opponent was dealt a T badugi and a 9 badugi....I forced him all-in after 3 draws, and he insta-called. So easily beaten, but he insta-called. In hold 'em, I shove-bluffed on the river with a dangerous board (paired Ts, straight possibilities, flush possibilities), and an opponent insta-called with A2 (top pair, bottom kicker). Also in hold 'em, in a blind vs. blind situation, my opponent 4-bet shoved on a A23 flop....pretty sure he didn't have an ace, since he limped in the sb. And razz was another 2 hours of crazy, dumb calls from other people (calling 4-bets on 3rd street showing a king? Calling 4-bets in later rounds showing two face cards and hitting runner-runner? Come on.). I think I need to go take a cold shower.