Another day of only one tournament, and it didn't go well. I usually get early table draws with at least decent players....not so this time around. I witnessed a hand between three people.....after a 6-bet pre-flop, one player was all in and the other player called. The other two ended up all-in on the flop. The hands.....KQ, A5, K3. Wow. Anyway, my first 4 or so tables were filled with players like this (even saw a guy call a raise from the big blind with 5 2 and called an all-in on the turn with a pair of deuces). With this information, I had to play really tight and never got much for starting hands. I got AA once, but didn't get any callers. I managed to steal the blinds a few times too, but never got much going. I ended up all in with Ac Jc against Kh Jh.......king on the flop. Out in 515th, I believe. I'm still feeling pretty frustrated about the tournaments that i've gotten in. This one, the only three hands I played in the first 4 levels, 2 were in the big blind in unraised pots. The other, I raised with Ad Jd, and folded on the flop. Kind of hard to do much when I can't get any good hands in.