Oh the delights of moving...pretty much doesn't leave room for anything else. It'll probably be 1-1 1/2 weeks until I can get some dedicated playing in. Hopefully I can get internet hooked up at my new place quickly.... This tournament was thoroughly unexciting. I maxed out at about 2,400 chips and managed to place 217th.....by blinding out. Blinding out is seriously a painful experience. I'm more the type to push with something as soon as I drop below 15 big blinds. But since I'm going to be missing a lot of tournaments due to my move, I need to squeak as many points as possible when I can play. I'm currently playing a Lamborghini freeroll and a 5-card draw freeroll. Actually, scratch the 5-card draw. I lasted a hand. I drew trips when another guy drew a fullhouse. Yuck.