After my last outting, I decided to take a break and regroup a little. Today went pretty well. First tournament, I really rolled for the first 1-1 1/2 hours. I got a lot of big pairs (QQ+) and got all the chips in against either 1 or 2 opponents, and everything held up for a change. So after about 40 minutes, I was the chip leader at about 15,000. I spent quite awhile at the top, and most of the time in the top 20. My downfall started when I got moved to a new table and had someone that was shoving pretty much every hand. She was the big stack at the table and had everyone covered, so she was putting us all in literally every hand. I was at 23,000 chips when I moved there, and basically blinded down to 10,000 by the time the bubble burst. I got KOed shortly after that on a nasty river beat. I was the big blind and had Qs8s, got a free flop. Flop was QJ7, and the first guy to act min-betted, so I shoved over the top of him. He insta-called with Q3. There was another person who had called the bb and was al-in with A3. Turn was a blank, river....a 3. I'm KOed by a 2-outer. Out in 139th. Second tournament started very quickly as well. I doubled up on the first hand. A guy limped a few spots in front of me, I had AsQd, so I raised. There was at least one caller from the blinds. There might have been two, I can't remember exactly. Flop was AK2, all diamonds. I had top pair and the nut flush draw. The limper min-betted, so I raised him again. The others folded. Limper called. Turn was the 3d. Limper checked, I bet half the pot, limper called. River was inconsequential. I shoved, limper called with A9d. There were a few other hands that I picked up some good stuff. i hit a max of about 8,000-9,000 and eventually limped into the money. I finished in 80th. One of my tables had certain players who happen to be towards the top of the leaderboard, and I got to talk with them a little (and tangled with them in a few pots). I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do the stall-and-fold. I just don't agree with it. I want to do well by playing poker, not dragging things to scrape a few more points. And the way they talk, it's like they are such superior players to everyone else. But here's the thing, they aren't playing! They just play premium hands...otherwise they do nothing the whole tourney. One particular hand, I had 44 in late position and it folded to me, so I came in for a standard raise. Both blinds called (the big blind didn't have much more left behind). Flop was KK3, both players checked, so I bet half the pot to end it, hoping neither had a king. First player folded, the short stack called all-in....naturally, he had K3. I made a comment on how risky it was to call a raise out of position with K3 as a short stack, and the two players who are amonst the leaders for the month starting ridiculing me for raising with 44. Seriously. They acted the same toward my play that they were to players calling all in with K7, T6, etc. Do these players seriously think they will win tournaments if they just play premium hands? Here's the answer....they won't. That's one of the things I learned when I stayed with play money. If you just play premium hands, observant opponents catch on. That's why, when I do a standard opening raise, I could have anything from AA to 54s. Think of that range and how hard it is to put someone on a hand. There was even a comment in the forums, calling people who raise with suited connectors donks....that is completely unwarranted. So.... what then, players are only allowed to raise with pairs and big aces to not be called donks? I don't see how that makes any sense. It's ironic that a few hands after the 44 incident that I had 66 in mid/late position, and it folded to me again. So I came in for a standard raise. One of the players that had been ridiculing me shoved from the big blind. Everyone else folded. The amount I needed to call was less than what I had raised, so I felt I had to call. The player showed AKs. I flopped a set, and the hand was over on the flop. This player's parting words were: "I hate you right now. I wouldn't be patting yourself on the back for that one." So.....I should fold 66 in mid/late position when it folds to me and not play them at all? I shouldn't call his shove when it was such a small amount to call? Once again, if you fold everything but the 5 premium hands, you're not going to win tournaments. If I fold everything but those hands, I would blind out of every tournament. Thanks for the suggestions you two, but I'll continue to play my game until I stop seeing good results. I play to win every tournament I enter, and playing your way won't get that done.