I've been pretty busy lately, getting ready to head across country fro grad school...so I'm not getting many tournaments in right now. Only played one today, and it was a grinding nosebleed. I ended up in 186th, and I have no idea how I managed to stretch it that far. I had an awful streak of bad cards. I didn't check my last stats, but towards the end I had only seen about 11-12% of flops...some of those were in the big blind in unraised pots, some were with marginal hands in limped pots. It was ugly. Hopefully I can get at least two in tomorrow. I also played in a Lamborghini freeroll...but only lasted about 15-20 minutes. One of the very first hands, I got my chips in holding AA and was up against TT....T on the flop. Actually, case T on the flop. Someone else said they had folded one. That left me pretty short, below 600. I got KOed shortly after that. I'm sitting in 115th place in the League so far this month...I think that's pretty good, since I only have 6 tournaments in the book. My 7th and 10th place finishes are really holding me up.