Well this was a lovely outting. I signed up early, but had to miss the first 15 minutes. After I signed in....I don't even know how to describe it. Screwed? Yeah, screwed. Pretty much every hand. One of the first hands, I had AQ in the bb. There was one limp in early position, and a gal in middle position raised to 1000 (blinds 15/30) and the person right after called. Wonderful. So I folded AQ preflop. That's a new one. Turns out the limper had AQ, the huge raiser had AJs, and the caller had 77. All the chips were in on the flop, and the 77 guy won. Very next hand, I get QQ. There were a bunch of limpers, so I put out a big raise to either win the pot outright, or to go one-on-one. I get one caller....ace on the flop. I check, my opponent bets. Wonderful. So I folded QQ after the flop. Very next hand....AQ. Guy right in front of me shoves, I reshove to isolate, and he has A6.....6 on the flop. Extra awesome. With blinds at 25/50, I have 150 chips left. At this point, I actually started a nice comeback. I shoved a few hands later with T7s, figuring I would be drawing live to any callers. I get called by A8, and I hit a T on the flop. Yay, up to 370! A few hands later, I get Ac9c, so I shove, get two callers. Flop was 977, sweet! Turn was an ace, double sweet! One guy folded on the turn, and it turns out I had outflopped ATs. Up to about 1400....I get QJ in the sb. There are a bunch of limpers, so I complete my blind. J on the flop...I check, big blind checked....a guy later on made a huge overbet, so I was pretty sure he was trying to steal. I shove, the raiser called with A3s, for a flopped pair of 3s. This run went pretty far, and I got all the way up to 6,000 chips. But then back to the norm....I had AK, and lost to A8. Then I get KK, flop a set, and lose to 76s (runner-runner flush). There had been a few more hands where I lost a bit, so now I'm back below 800 chips. I managed to triple up once, but lost another hand where I was a huge favorite pre-flop. Last hand, I get a free flop with 87o. Flop was T84. First guy checks, I shove, hoping to win it outright.....turns out the first guy had T6. Brick turn, brick river. Out in about 360th place, or somewhere near there. I'm quite steamed right now, I don't dare play the late game.